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Who's at M-Node


Current Online PhD Candidates



Who's at M-Node

Advisory and supervisor staff

Planetary Collegium President: Roy Ascott.

M-Node Executive Director:
Francesco Monico
Professor of Theory and Methods of Mass Media. NABA, Italia.

M-Node Director of Studies:
Pier Luigi Capucci
, NoemaLab, Italia.

M-Node Supervisor:
Derrick de Kerckhove
, University of Toronto, Canada. Professor. Universita' Federico II, Napoli, Italia.

Mike Philips, Director of I-DAT / Head of Nascent Art & Technology Research / University of Plymouth UK.

Paolo Atzori
, 3D Theater Artist and Designer.

Elisa Giaccardi
Research Associate, Center for LifeLong Learning and Design (L3D), University of Colorado.

Former PhD Academic Members:

Research Director (2005-2013):
Antonio Caronia
, Accademia di Brera, Italia.
Genova, 1944 - Milano, 2013.

Supervisor (2005-2008):
Antonio Somaini
Universite' Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle, CAV (Cinema et Audiovisuel), Francia.

Current Online PhD Candidates

Federica Timeto - Awarded
Research Title: Feminism, Postcoloniality and New Media Theory and Practice
Graduated 2013

Franco Marineo
Research Title: Reality on Finer Scale. Contemporary Cinema and Perceptive Afflictions

Jennifer Kanary
Research Title: Roomforthoughts. An artistic examination of the epistemological relation between the art practice and the scientific and philosophical problems of consciousness

Jurgen Faust
Research Title: Towards a comprehensive and universal Design Theory, Design Methods, and possible paradigm shifts

Tine Melzer
Research title: Ludwig and Gertrude. Ragged Edges and Common Places in Language - Where Text Image and Meet

Amos Bianchi
Research title: The Apparatus. Technologies, Subjectivity and Freedom

Paololuca Barbieri Marchi
Research Title:The Future of the Image

Gabriela Galati
Research title: From Archive to Event: Towards a New Status of the Object and the Digital Subject

Denis Jaromil Roio
Research title: Libre Made Flash - Generative Patterns for Alternative Economics

Patrizia Moschella
Research title: Open school. The role of new media in contemporary higher education system in art.

Sarah Ciraci
Research title: Bridging a Gap that's not There - investigate the possibilities of integrating contemporary art in the ongoing debate between science and different thoughts.

Paola Lopreiato
Research title: The Multidimensional Nature of Comunication - Crossing the languages of artistic expressions.

Hanieh Abbasinik
Research title: A Style in Architecture and Design - considering the Iranian Safavid artistic style combining this with today's technology.

Tommaso Maggio
Research title: Artistic Approach to Education, on line technology as platform where to create new experiments - Structured methodology and non-formal learning approach tools for a transdisciplinary culture.

David Monacchi
Research title: Fragments of Extinction - Acoustic Biodiversity of the World's Primary Equatorial Rainforests. An Environmental Sound-Art Project at the time of the Sixth Mass Extinction.

Former PhD Candidates

Wolfgang Fiel - Awarded
Research Title: Dissipative System, Urbanism and performance
Graduated 2012

Ale Guzzetti
Research Title: Technica curiosa. Machines, Automations, Electronic Interfaces: Art as Cognitive Science

Enrica Borghi
Research title: Developing Artcrafts Thought to Disappear in Nature With a Concept of Sustainable Economy



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