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Research position


Current Online PhD Candidates



Research position

Selections are open for Research Fellow Positions.

M-Node is a Graduate Research Program designed to best integrate research, education and innovation. The selection of M-Node researchers follows clear and peer review criteria.

M-Node is currently developing its faculty with Research Fellows and ‘Assegni di Ricerca’ positions, the latter only available in Italian.

Deadline for application for ‘Assegni di Ricerca’ positions expired and selections are already in progress.

For foreign applicants, more information regarding working and living in Italy can be found at the Welcome Office section.


Current Online PhD Candidates

Simona Caraceni
Research Title: Museum and Technology, Applications of virtuality and multinodality in the cultural assets field

Federica Timeto
Research Title: Feminism, Postcoloniality and New Media Theory and Practice

Franco Marineo
Research Title: Reality on Finer Scale. Contemporary Cinema and Perceptive Afflictions

Jennifer Kanary
Research Title: Roomforthoughts. An artistic examination of the epistemological relation between the art practice and the scientific and philosophical problems of consciousness

Jurgen Faust
Research Title: Towards a comprehensive and universal Design Theory, Design Methods, and possible paradigm shifts

Tine Melzer
Research title: Ludwig and Gertrude. Ragged Edges and Common Places in Language - Where Text Image and Meet

Amos Bianchi
Research title: Technologies, de-subjectivity and freedom

Paololuca Barbieri Marchi
Research Title:The Future of the Image

Gabriela Galati
Research title: The Digitalisation and Uploading of the Artistic Event

Denis Jaromil Roio
Research title :Libre Made Flash - Generative Patterns for Alternative Economics

Patrizia Moschella
Research title: Open school. The role of new media in contemporary higher education system in art

Former PhD Candidates

Ale Guzzetti
Research Title: Technica curiosa. Machines, Automations, Electronic Interfaces: Art as Cognitive Science

Wolfgang Fiel
Research Title: Dissipative System, Urbanism and performance

Enrica Borghi
Research title: Developing Artcrafts Thought to Disappear in Nature With a Concept of Sustainable Economy




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