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Graduates from M-Node - will combine robust theoretical grounding with advanced analytical techniques, and they will be part of an international network of researchers on arts & design, media design, philosophy and cultural studies.

Founding Director
Roy Ascott
Supervisors and Advisors
Roy AscottPresident, The Planetary Collegium ; Director CAiiA-Hub; Professor of Technoetic Arts, University of Plymouth.
Guido Bugman Robotic Intelligence - University of Plymouth
Brian Eno Musician, London
James Gimzewski Professor of Chemistry and Executive Member of the California Nanosystems Institute, UCLA
Eduardo Miranda Professor of Computer Music
Mike Phillips Director of i-DAT / Head of Nascent Art & Technology Research / University of Plymouth
Michael Punt Reader in Art and Technology, University of Plymouth, Editor-in-Chief Leonardo Reviews
Marilyn Schlitz Institute of Noetic Sciences
Chris Speed Interactive Media University of Plymouth
Angelo Cangelosi Principal Lecturer, Adaptive Behaviour and Cognition Research Group
John L. Casti Complexity Santa Fe Institute and Technical University, Vienna
Carol Gigliotti Art and Technology Emily Carr School of Art & Design, Vancouver
Ranulph Glanville (Architecture/Cybernetics) CyberEthics Research
Steve Grand AI/Alife Cyberlife Research Ltd
Linda Henderson Art History University of Texas at Austin
Peter Jagodzinski HCI/Cognitive Science University of Plymouth
Roger Malina Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille, Marseille, France CNRS
Christiane Paul Hypermedia/net art, Whitney Museum, New York
Tom Ray Professor of Zoology, University of Oklahoma
Francis Rousseaux Informatics: Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne
Kristine Stiles Art & Art History Duke University, North Carolina
Evan Thompson Philosophy York University, Toronto
Simon Waters Electroacoustic Music University of East Anglia
PhD Graduates
Peter Anders University of Plymouth PhD 2004. Director, MindSpace.net. Michigan, USA
Jon Bedworth University of Wales PhD 2001 Independent, Cardiff
Char Davies Immersence, Montreal
Elisa Giaccardi Research Associate, Center for LifeLong Learning and Design (L3D), Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado, USA. Thesis: Principles of Metadesign: Processes and Levels of Co-Creation in the New Design Space. PhD 2004 University of Plymouth.
Dew Harrison University of Wales PhD 1998, now a Research Fellow @ Grays school of art, Robert Gordon University. Also co-director of 'LabCulture Ltd'
Eduardo Kac Professor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA. Thesis: Telepresence and Transgenic Art. 2003. PhD University of Wales.
Joseph Nechvatal University of Wales PhD 1999 School of Visual Arts, New York
Miroslaw Rogala University of Wales PhD 2000, Prof. Dr. Chair CGIM/ Computer Graphics and Interactive Media, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY 2002-2004
Gretchen Schiller (Professor, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier III, France). Thesis: The Kinesfield: study of movement-based interactive and choreographic art. 2003. PhD University of Plymouth.
Jill Scott University of Wales PhD 1998 Bauhaus-Universitat, Weimar
Bill Seaman Director, Digital Media Department, Graduate Studies, Rhode Island School of Design
Christa Sommerer Professor for Interface Culture, University of Art and Design, Linz, Austria; Thesis: Creating Complexity through Interaction: the Application of Complex System and Origin of Life Theory to Interactive Art Works) 2000. PhD University of Wales
Victoria Vesna University of Wales PhD 2000 Design|Media Arts, UCLA
Current Online PhD Candidates




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